Special Units


The Carrboro Police Department has four Police Service Dogs, also known as canines or K-9s for short.  Each K-9 is assigned to a handler who may work with the dog throughout its entire working career.  The K-9s live and work with their assigned handler forming a deep bond and unique relationship.  K-9 handlers and their dogs train very hard on a weekly basis and are certified through the International Police Working Dog Association or IPWDA.  All of our K-9s are "dual purpose" dogs; the dogs are capable of tracking, controlled substances detection and apprehension. K-9 handlers and their animals certify yearly to ensure that they are able to continue to perform essential job duties.
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In unusual and high-risk situations the Police Department has a Critical Incident Unit comprised of specially trained officers that can be called out to resolve the incident.

School Resource Officers (SROs) are police officers with permanent assignments to one of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools located inside the municipal limits of the Town of Carrboro.

Although the primary function of a SRO is to provide another layer of security and safety in an educational environment, they are often called on to do many other things. They must be a counselor, a school administrator, a friend, a teacher and a role model. SROs sometimes teach, council students on non-criminal issues, tutor students in trouble areas and serve as a resource to students, teachers and other administrators alike.

The Carrboro Police Department maintains a unit devoted to the detection, investigation and removal of vice, narcotics and alcohol related crime. Officers assigned to this unit work closely with the other divisions in the police department and surrounding agencies to ensure the safety and quality of life for the Town of Carrboro's residents and businesses.

In an effort to better serve our community, we have officers who are part of a Hostage Negotiation Team. Officers on this unit receive special training and equipment to allow them to better communicate and help subjects who may be in distress. All members of the Hostage Negotiation Team have also attended Crisis Intervention Team training. This training is designed to help officers handle situations with subjects in distress and to more effectively deal with subjects suffering from mental illness.