*NEW!* Leave the Leaves

With appreciation and recognition to the New Hope Audubon Society, the Town is encouraging residents to follow their "Leave the Leaves" initiative. Leaving leaves where they fall, or close thereby, saves time and money and recycles nutrients into the local ecosystem. This process reduces flooding and land erosion, supports bees, fireflies, birds, and wildlife, improves tree and soil health, and reduces air, water, and noise pollution.

Participation is easy. Just skip the Town’s loose-leaf collection and do one of the actions below—or some combination that works best for your situation.

1) Leave the leaves where they fall (effort level 0).

2) Rake them to the tree line or to the mulch area beneath the trees in your yard.

3) Mulch them using a lawnmower (preferably an electric one).

4) Compost them. Dried leaves provide high carbon source or "browns" for your backyard compost bin.