Cemetery Management

Public Works Department operates and maintains the Town's two cemeteries, Old Carrboro Cemetery and Westwood Cemetery. Cemetery operations include plot sales, monument and plot staking, grounds maintenance, and landscaping. 

The Town cemeteries are open to the public throughout the year from sunrise until sunset.

Old Carrboro Cemetery

Old Carrboro Cemetery is  Town’s oldest cemetery. The land for this cemetery was donated to the town by Dr. Foy Robertson. The cemetery has been in use since the early 1910s, with the oldest marked stone being in 1915. There are several unmarked stones that may date back further. 

In 2018, Carrboro Town Council approved "Natural Burials" at Old Carrboro Cemetery. 

There are currently no cemetery plots available for sale at Old Carrboro Cemetery.

The cemetery is located just off the Libba Cotton Greenway. 

Westwood Cemetery

Westwood Cemetery is located at the corner of Davie Road and Fidelity Street in Carrboro.

  1. Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Plots

  • $750.00/Plot for Resident or Property Owner
  • $1,500 .00/Plot for Non-resident

Monument/Marker Staking

  • $15.00

Plot Staking

  • $25.00

Carrboro Miscellaneous Fee Schedule (PDF)

Payments for a plots, markings, and stakings are accepted only at Town Hall, 301 W Main St., Carrboro, NC 27510.

  1. Cemetery Forms

Natural/Green Burials

In October 2018, the Carrboro Town Council approved Natural Burials at Old Carrboro Cemetery. 

Carrboro Town Code defines Natural Burial as:

"A method of internment with minimal environmental impact and which aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. This method of internment does not include embalming of bodies, does not require grave liners or vaults, encourages the use of biodegradable burial containers, and is intended to the natural decomposition of bodies."

At this time there are no cemetery plots available at Old Carrboro Cemetery.


For more information, including availability, contact Public Works Department at 919-918-7425.